IBS NATURAL REMEDIES: Paul Samaha’s 3-Month Journey With Colon Hydrotherapy: Treatment #1

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Treatment #1: July 11, 2015

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On July 8, 2015, I received a heartfelt e-mail from a new client named Paul Samaha who expressed that he was searching for a natural remedy for his mild case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). He was inquiring about our gravity-based colon hydrotherapy services because had been doing some online research and he felt like a colonic could be the kick-start to a healthier colon for his IBS. 

IBS and A Natural Approach To Healing

I remember being very impressed by Paul’s letter; what appealed to me specifically was his well-spoken nature, candor, and dedication to do what was necessary to reap the health benefits of the treatments and reverse his IBS once and for all! One example of his dedication came four years ago when he realized that eating gluten-containing foods caused distress to his digestion and elimination systems, so he simply stopped eating them. However, in light of the improvements he felt from that one dietary change, he, like many of the clients I consult with, still felt like his colon was very clogged and sluggish on a daily basis. He was experiencing soft stools and the home enemas he had performed were met with little to no success. He believed colon hydrotherapy “could bring relief to, as he described it, all the “built-up gunk he had collected over the years”. I was eager to show him that his intuition was about to hand him the key to discovering the truth about cellular rejuvenation and a higher state of being!

IBS and Inspiring Others 

I responded to Paul’s e-mail and explained how colon hydrotherapy works to assist the body’s capacity to heal. I came to find out, not only is Paul a twenty year old junior at USC, he is also the Undergraduate Student Government Director of Marketing and PR and the Social Chairman of USC Phi Delt. My head was spinning just thinking about how full his plate was but when understanding his social presence, my wheels were also spinning when I realized how many young people, and older alike, Paul’s story could motivate to reclaim their own health! Helping others to discover freedom from illness and to understand how to live a life in the absence of such malaise is my passion!

Colonic Testimonials and A Docu-Series on IBS!

After I explained the dietary protocols (proper food combing principals, drinking fresh pressed vegetable juices, etc.) and suggested a bi-weekly treatment schedule, Paul was eager to get started. We decided to team up and utilize his strong student body presence at USC in tandem with his popularity in social media to tell his story and thus help others who were also seeking a natural approach to healing from IBS. 

Reaching The Masses: No More Suffering With IBS:

This is the first installment of his three-month journey! This is also my very first dream-come-true, long-term testimonial docu-series. I hope his story will touch you and those who you know so you can more fully understand how much influence have when it comes to your own health. Colon Hydrotherapy is not only suitable for those suffering with IBS. If you are seeking to reclaim your own health and also lead a more outstanding productive life, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and/or mentally, the truth is, you can implement colon hydrotherapy to profoundly effect all of these aspects and I am dedicated to showing you how to do so! 

Treatment 1: July 11, 2015

Pre-Colonic Overview

  • Paul arrived feeling very bloated and distended.
  • His mid-section was tight, protruding, and it felt very gaseous.


  • Physical: sluggish, tired, exhausted, and lethargic.
  • Emotional: He felt some general anxiety.

Existing Medical Protocols

  • Currently taking medication for: anxiety



Photos of Paul Samaha before 1st colonic treatment. 

Post-Colonic Overview:

  • Physically: Paul felt lots of gaseous release in the session. He felt a positive shift in his med-section. He described it felt like “Tetris boxes had moved and dropped out of the way” specifically from the top portion of his intestine such that the naval area felt like he still had some pressure remaining. He did release considerable waste and gas and the treatment was somewhat uncomfortable due to his current IBS condition. I anticipate his second treatment will flow more easily and with less gaseous discomfort.
  • Mentally: He felt a good shift and clear relief in his mind-set and even felt like taking a jog right after the session! He feels like he has a new beginning before him with continued colon hydrotherapy treatments and is looking forward to experiencing more relief in his future sessions.

If you or someone you know is suffering with the effects of a sluggish bowel or has been diagnosed with IBS or has constipation or any other health complaints, please feel free to contact me directly if you have personal questions that you wish to have answered before you schedule your appointment and I would be honored to support you and your healing journey. Or to book an appointment right away, please click here to book online or speak to a live person!

Please stay tuned for treatment #2 and more amazing revelations as we follow Paul Samaha’s journey with reversing IBS in tandem with colon hydrotherapy! Follow him on IG @paulrichie and Facebook!



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