IBS NATURAL REMEDIES: Paul Samaha’s 3-Month Journey With Colon Hydrotherapy: Treatment #3

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Treatment 3: August 10, 2015


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IBS and Natural Healing: What Are Cleansing Responses

In between Paul’s second and third colon hydrotherapy treatments to naturally address his IBS, he had some unexpected reactions, which makes this the perfect time to discuss what cleansing responses are and why they occur.


A cleansing response is most commonly categorized as an unfavorable reaction (or sometimes more than one reaction) that you may experience when your cells release poisons on a deep level (and typically in greater magnitude) during the detoxification process. When we change our eating habits and consume a more alkaline-rich diet, these more alkaline (cleansing) foods react upon toxic residue in our cells and sometimes cause an unprecedented upheaval of poisons that is so great that your body does not have the full capacity to properly eliminate them in a reasonable amount of time. When this happens, we feel ill, bloated, gaseous, and may experience a variety of health issues that seem contrary to the new good habits we have been ardently practicing and the positive outcomes we would naturally expect to experience.


Paul's Personal Cleansing Responses With IBS

In Paul’s case, when the residue from once deeply embedded toxic matter (in this case, pharmaceutical medications) re-entered his bloodstream, he experienced the symptomology that he was taking the drugs for in the first place. Sometimes the secondary experience of the symptomology can be even more exaggerated than what we had experienced before we began taking the drugs. Cleansing responses can include but are not limited to: depression, elevated anxiety, fever, fear/desperation, exhaustion, heart palpitations, nausea, respiratory congestion, skin outbreaks, sore throat, etc. Sometimes this happens after a colon hydrotherapy session in which the client has alleviated a very considerable amount of fecal matter and gas pressure. When this alleviation occurs, it prompts a sonar-like response radiating outward from the naval out to all points of your body and literally informs every cell that the colon has emptied volumes of waste and the cells can now release their poisons, too, back down into the waste basket for efficient elimination. Paul describes the feeling of having eliminated during a colonic like an abdominal game of Tetris. This provides us with a great visual to understand this (alleviation) concept fully. When waste matter leaves the colon, it allows for more matter to continue dropping down for elimination. So, in essence, the colonic is still working for you even when it is over! 


Time To Escort Those Toxic Demons

On Thursday, August 1, two days after Paul’s second colonic treatment, he and I had a phone call to discuss a cleansing response he had that was somewhat disarming. Paul experienced some nightmares that were also accompanied by a small bout of some sleep paralysis. He woke up four or five times in the night and was unable to speak or move and it was somewhat terrifying. He explains that for some time he has taken an anti-depressant in the mornings and an anti-anxiety medication in the evenings. He felt like he had an epiphany, after the fact, once we spoke! “The sleep paralysis from the other night was just the toxic demons leaving my body so my healthy clean colon can come back to life.” Indeed! When detoxification happens on a deep cellular level, it allows us to reveal our true essence as months and even years of accumulation begin to evacuate from our system.


Detoxification: A Two Step Process

Some people may think that a cleansing response is due to their bodies not having enough of a nutrient, vitamin, or the most common assumption amongst those moving toward a more plant-based diet, is not having enough protein. Through my years of practice and performing thousands of colonic treatments, I have come to understand that true detoxification is more fully experienced when we focus on the bowel in tandem with a cleansing diet vs. solely focusing on what we consume and solely the diet itself. In other words, the definition of true detoxification is really more about what leaves your body (once the poisons are awakened) vs. focusing solely on what we place inside of it. This does not mean that we can eat mindlessly and only focus on our elimination and routinely receive colon hydrotherapy. It does mean, however, that the bowels cannot be ignored in the grand scheme of things if we expect to feel an outstanding increase in vitality and fully experience true detoxification!  


Colon Hydrotherapy: The Missing Link For IBS and Your Overall Health!

Ok, so you’ve changed your eating habits. You’ve even taken a great liking to drinking enzyme-rich vegetable juice on a regular basis and you’re feeling the benefits! You’re feeling more energetic and your skin is glowing. This is where colon hydrotherapy comes into play. I like to say that colon hydrotherapy is the rinse for the wash! Consider this scenario: Imagine if you shampooed your hair and then walked out of our house with your scalp full of suds. This is a metaphor for what many people do when they ascribe to a cleansing diet. If we focus merely on the input of fresh pressed juices, healthy organic food, a change of belief systems and lifestyle habits but we leave off the most important part of the whole process, the rinsing, I guarantee, at some point, you WILL hit a wall. Some hit it harder and some sooner than others but in my experience, colon hydrotherapy is the missing link in this equation. One should not underestimate that the rinsing of poisonous residue (that all the alkaline life-giving food has shaken loose from your beautiful cells) must be integrated with diligent frequency (the frequency is different for everyone) if you want to fully understand and bask in the true magnitude of the benefits of cleansing and detoxification. Without rinsing the toxicity from your tissue, I’m sorry but you’re just bathing in it! So, grab your cute rubber ducky and let’s give your colon a well-deserved bath so you can finally maximize all your good dietary deeds! 


Colon Therapy Preparation

Let’s discuss how to best prepare for the most effective colon hydrotherapy results. Before Paul’s first treatment, I explained the benefits of proper food combining so he could begin to feel some intestinal relief and a reduction in gas. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of proper food combining, it’s a very powerful and useful tool – and really just a simple approach to eating that involves properly pairing your foods for optimum digestion.


Benefits of Proper Food Combining 

  • Clears up acne
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Improves immune system strength
  • Improves eyesight (yes!) and all the five senses
  • Reduction in bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation
  • Improves your overall health by improving digestion and elimination
  • Increased exit of waste from your body helps you to experience optimum health and a lightness of being!

Food Combining Explained

Certain food groups do not digest property when consumed at the same time and this misfortune burdens the digestive and elimination systems with gas pressure and carbonic acid. This hampers your body from performing at its best and is the beginning of malaise and the main cause of disease in your body if left unaddressed. Therefore, it is of considerable importance that proper food combining be implemented, at least to some degree, in order to receive the best colon hydrotherapy results and experience clear health improvements overt time. This simple practice will also allow you to experience an increase in vitality in between your treatments. Proper food combining allows the body to maximize its performance on all levels and to efficiently eliminate waste. You can liken this to providing the best sneakers to a professional athlete. We wouldn’t give long-distance runners a pair of cleats to go the distance – but we would give them to baseball players for working through nine innings. When it comes to tools of the trade, Food Combining is the magic wand that I now pass on to you! Intrigued to learn more about this simple approach to eating? It’s my goal to help you feel your best! See the FREE Food Combining Chart on my website [http://joycerockwood.com] (click on SERVICES/COLONIC EDU) and learn more about this amazing tool and reclaim your vibrancy, stamina, and bliss!


Pre-Colonic Overview

Paul arrived feeling that his gut was less tight and less cumbersome compared to treatment #2. 


He was feeling some gaseous accumulation that he was hoping to release so he could return to feeling light and energetic once again and leave the anxiety and lethargy behind! 

Existing Medical Protocols

Currently taking medication for: anxiety

Post-Colonic Overview

Physically: Although Paul felt lots of gaseous discomfort in the session, he felt much more comfortable during the third treatment than the second. He felt great relief intestinally once the treatment was over and also recognized he could breathe fuller and deeper since releasing so much waste. He even noticed, “What? I have abs?!” Yes, it’s true! When the colon is alleviated of accumulation, we can see a lovely definition of our anatomy return! Less gas in our tissue allows the skin to be more radiant and toned! Cellulite disappears! Overall, your tissue quality radiates a beautiful tone and muscle tone is enhanced. Now you can really reap the benefits of your workouts with ease and even less effort!  

Mentally: He felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He felt a more drastic difference with these results than he did even from the first treatment. His mid-section felt even more cleansed and more spacious. He felt great relief from releasing copious amounts of gas that he was feeling restricted by upon arriving to this treatment.




                                                                  Paul's Mid-Section Before Colonic #3                               Paul's Mid-Section After Colonic #3



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