IBS NATURAL REMEDIES: Paul Samaha’s 3-Month Journey With Colon Hydrotherapy: Treatment #4

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FOOD COMBINING: Paul's Biggest Dietary Game-Changer

Paul’s biggest epiphany with proper food combining has leaded him to his best digestive experiences since starting his IBS healing journey. In this next video, Paul discusses how much better he feels when he eats meals that do not incorporate protein and (starchy) carbohydrate foods. The reason these two food groups are so destructive to our health is because they cannot be properly broken down when consumed at the same time. When we eat them simultaneously, the result is an onslaught of carbonic gas and acid build-up that causes immediate discomfort and a complete dysfunction of our digestive process. This poor food combination is one of many that is the main culprit behind indigestion (acid reflux), gas and bloating, inflammation, puffy eyes, back pain, arthritis, brain fog, uninspired dispositions, and the overall malaise most people suffer from that could form a mile-long list!

If we want to talk scientifically for a moment, the molecular make-up of proteins begins to break down in the stomach whereas the same is not true for starches, which begins in the mouth. When these two food groups are eaten at the same time, there is a hindrance and lack of digestion means that these foods remain in the stomach for a very lengthy amount of time attempting to digest but never really properly do so. The result of them remaining in the stomach for so many hours and not breaking down properly is the formation of pure combustion. This means that you now have the equivalent of a mini-inferno brewing in your gut. Overtime, this can become a major hindrance to your daily physical activities including your overall mental well being. When the gas is reduced with proper food combing practices and then also released in colon hydrotherapy treatments – my clients have found they feel a recognizable boost in their mo-jo to work, create, perform, and follow their dreams! In essence it provides new inspiration for unlimited possibilities! 

How To Eat Out And Still Eat Healthy

A quick tip to always maximizing your digestion and thus improving your elimination is to: 

Eat a green leafy salad or at least some water containing vegetables, (IE: cucumbers, celery, grated carrots, red, yellow, or orange peppers, etc.) BEFORE your cooked fare. No need to wait before eating your entree. 

Separate starchy carbohydrates (i.e.: grains/breads/pasta/potatoes) from protein (IE: fish, chicken, turkey, pork, beef, etc.). 

See the food-combining chart for more info on eating for optimum digestion! Click on SERVICES/COLON THERAPY EDU/FOOD COMBINING CHART. 

IBS And Natural Remedies For Gas

Charcoal tablets 

Ginger Tea and/or Peppermint Tea

doTERRA: Digest Tabs, Peppermint Beadlets, and GX Assist Digestive Enzymes (email me for the best price)



Paul arrived feeling that his mid-section was feeling generally very good and was experiencing a new healthy normal but he mentioned a slight sense of some gas.


Existing Medical Protocols

Currently taking medication for: anxiety


Post-Colonic Overview

Physically: Feeling a slight bit of gas at the bottom of his mid-section due to the meal he consumed the night prior which was a poor combination of starch (pasta) w/ acid (cooked tomatoes). Despite that, overall he is feeling really good and the concavity of his mid-section is now overwhelmingly visible! 



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