Colonic Therapy Preparation

What to Eat the Day of Your Colonic Appointment and Other Colonic Preparation Tips

Even if you have had Colon Hydrotherapy previously, please take the time to review this valuable information to assure the best results from your treatment.

Stay Hydrated the Day of Your Appointment!

Drinking freshly pressed vegetable juice is one of the best ways to assist in the loosening and emulsification of toxins and increase the strength of your immune system.

  • Your juices should be palatable and we can help you to fine-tune the combinations so they are most appealing. These are three great recipes to try:
    1. Carrot and romaine lettuce and/or cucumber is a simple blend for our newbie juicers. 
    2. Romaine lettuce, kale (2 leaves), cucumber is a simple green recipe .
    3. Celery, spinach, arugula, lemon, and ginger for those who like some pep!
  • Fresh pressed vegetable juices will make a HUGE difference in the results you experience during and after your treatment(s). We're talkin' night and day! Please give it a test drive!
  • Drinking water is very important for proper cellular hydration.
  • Hydration is extremely influential in flushing toxins from our cells and improving our bowel function.

When to Drink for Colonic Preparation

  • Juice should always be consumed on an empty stomach.
  • For most people, best time is first thing in the morning. Then, wait at least 45 minutes to eat breakfast.
  • If you're not hungry, stay hydrated and then have lunch when you're hunger kicks in.
  • Why wait? The minerals in the juice are working for you and enriching your blood!
  • If you had a late night of indulgent eating, it is best to avoid juice and/or eating breakfast in the A.M. Drink plenty of water instead and you can drink juice later in the afternoon, about an hour before lunch.

Colonic Therapy Food Preparation:

What We Suggest For Breakfast on the Day of Your Colonic Appointment

  • Fresh fruit is the most optimum choice. If you have adverse reactions, we can offer other options.
  • Toasted whole grain bread with mashed avocado (add some sea salt) or coconut butter (sprinkle on come cinnamon).
  • Oatmeal is ok as well, but remember to please skip mixing in any fruit.
  • The Road to Indigestion: Processed cereals, eggs, bagels/breads, animal protein, soda, or last night’s left over Lasagna! Watch-out!

Salads Are a Great Food Choice for Colonic Therapy Preparation

  • Improve your detoxification process by simply incorporating a leafy green salad BEFORE all your cooked meals.
  • You can include other raw vegetables in your salad: shredded or grated carrots, celery, cucumbers, sprouts, and radishes. Leave out the raw broccoli/cauliflower.
  • Dressing? Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cumin Powder, Lemon, Coconut Vinegar, and Tamari.


  • Try eating a vegetarian lunch for best results.
  • Begin with a salad first and follow with cooked vegetables, and then you can include a starch if you feel inclined.
  • Other options: Portobello mushroom sandwiches, Japanese soba noodles with mixed vegetables, baked yams/squashed, Basmati, Jasmine and Wild rice. Like to crunch? Try some Lundberg Organic Rice cakes.

What to Eat After Your Colonic Appointment

  • Always start w/ a salad first and then you can follow with cooked vegetables, and a protein (IE: fish, chicken, etc.).
  • If you're already eating a vegetarian diet, try skipping the starch at lunch and have it at dinner.

The Food Combining Basics of Colon Hydrotherapy:

During your appointment, we can review the details of food combining and answer your questions. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Try not to mix starches with proteins (ie: chicken w/ rice.)
  • Eat fruits alone (without any other type of food) and always on an empty stomach.
  • If the concepts are new to you, just try to eat a bit better than you usually do because any changes you make for the better will have a positive impact on your session and overall health!

Foods To Reduce:

  • Red meat, cheese, white flour (i.e.: pastries, cakes, white bread, etc), and pasta/starches mixed with tomato sauce (i.e.: pizza/lasagna).
  • All processed food. Foods with more that 10 ingredients on the label (i.e: Doritos, Chips Ahoy, fast food, etc.)

Beverages to Stay Clear Of:

  • Alcohol and anything carbonated (IE: Soda, Seltzer, Sparkling water … Gas + Gas = More Gassssssss!)

Other Colonic Preparation Considerations:

  • If you have had a colonic before, but it has been a while since you received a treatment, you may want to give yourself 2-3 days of preparation for optimum results.
  • Your body will be more inclined to release during your colonic treatment when your system has had a chance to loosen things up with simple dietary modifications.
  • The day before a Colonic is not the time to be indulgent. You should allow the day before, the day of, and the day after to be days when you can focus a bit more on implementing the food combination principals and drinking fresh pressed juices!

What to Eat the Day of Your Colonic Treatment:

  • Try to refrain from eating 3 hours before your appointment.
  • We suggest drinking water, fresh vegetable juice, or herbal tea.
  • If you have an appointment before noon, then eating some fruit is fine. Be sure to eat the fruit alone.
  • An afternoon salad is ok for those with evening appointments. (Stay away from legumes/beans please.)


We will help champion your pursuit of feeling more energy, joy, & vitality in your life with the most expert Gravity Colonics LA has to offer! We are here to support and encourage you on the path to a healthier lifestyle and look forward to working with you. The Guru Is YOU! - Joyce Rockwood, CCH